ARAM minimizes public inconvenience with fast
project turnarounds and limited, to no street closures.

ARAM has many benefits, from being extremely cost effective to having significant environmental advantages. Utilizing both California vehicle and aircraft/truck tires, ARAM recycles the equivalent of over 600 tires per lane mile, more than any other comparable product in the current market. This helps reduce the overall epidemic of discarded tires in California, which are detrimental to the environment and can overwhelm landfills. Recycling also helps protect natural resources by reducing the need to produce new products and protecting land from scrap tire stockpiles. The U.S. government has placed an increased emphasis on the importance of reducing carbon footprints and conducting business in an environmentally-friendly manner. As oil prices rise and smog levels continue to choke California's air, the use of less fossil fuels during street maintenance and a commitment to recycling and emissions control benefits everyone in the state.

Reconstruction and other conventional
strategies can shut down streets for weeks.

ARAM applications, especially on residential streets, reduce public inconvenience because these type of applications can be done quickly and can be driven on almost immediately. On arterial streets, ARAM projects are more convenient than reconstruction and other conventional strategies that, in comparison, can shut down vital roadways for weeks.

With over 40 years of proven performance, ARAM has established itself as a leading street maintenance strategy that is fiscally-responsible, environmentally-friendly and minimizes public inconvenience

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