Association History

WPMA Executive Director Lloyd Levine

The Western Pavement Maintenance Association (WPMA) was formed over ten years ago by various members of the industry to promote the use of Asphalt-Rubber technologies, principally Asphalt-Rubber Aggregate Membrane (ARAM) applications as seal coats and in conjunction with composite layering systems. Our association is statewide with a Northern and Southern California division, and we operate as a non-profit organization.

Our current Executive Director, Lloyd Levine, was a member of the California State Legislature and was instrumental in enacting legislation that required Caltrans to utilize and recycle millions of California scrap tires in their highway paving projects. As a result of his successful leadership and passion for championing crumb rubber and Asphalt-Rubber, the Rubber Pavements Association named Mr. Levine the industry's ambassador.

Our statewide organization continues to advocate Asphalt-Rubber technologies and educates cities, counties and other agencies on the financial and performance benefits of ARAM, which recycles the equivalent of over 600 California scrap tires per lane mile.
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